Name That Note



Description: Name the letter name of the note on the staff. Cards are self-checking with answers on the back. You can play this game alone by using a timer and trying to beat your best time. For an added competitive challenge, play the game as a race between fellow small group members or in “Big Chief” style with the full class where students can compete to correctly identify the note the fastest. Begin with the first two students standing/sitting beside one another. Show them the card. Whichever student answers correctly first moves to the next person in the row to compete again. The other student sits down/stays in place. Continue by twos until everyone has had multiple turns. Whichever students travels the farthest (wins the most cards) wins!

You can also create more advanced versions of this game with ledger lines and bass clef pitches, intervals, chords, etc.

Musical Objective: Students will increase their speed in identifying pitches on the treble staff.

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