Percussion Memory


Description: This is a classic “memory” game with percussion instruments. There are two different versions of this game with three different levels of play. The easy version has the name of the instrument with each picture. The student must simply find the matching pair and read the instrument’s name to earn another consecutive turn during play. For the advanced version, only the instrument picture appears on the card. After finding the matching pair, the student must correctly name the instrument in order to win the pair and earn another consecutive turn during play. If the student can’t name the instrument, they must put the matching pair back and play continues with the next student. Level 1 (same instruments in both the easy and advanced versions) includes the most common unpitched percussion instruments like tambourine and maracas. Levels 2 and 3 include some less common percussion instruments like talking drum and log drum.

Musical Objective: Students will learn the names of unpitched percussion instruments.

Download: Click here to download the Easy Version With Names and Advanced Version Without Names. Simply print on cardstock with a color printer, cut out, and laminate so the game will last.

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