Composition Belt


The Composition Belt is an opportunity for students to compose their own recorder melody. They can model it after another piece they’ve played or create a piece from totally new ideas. They are required to write it down on staff paper using standard music notation, but I am happy to help them with unknown rhythms and other theory questions. After they complete their piece and submit revisions, I will input their music into the notation software Sibelius so that they can have a professional print-out of their composition. They will earn this belt after a successful performance of their new piece for their classmates.

Some Helpful Reminders for Your Composition

Before you hand in your composition for editing, check to make sure that all of the following musical elements are included:

  • Title (centered and correct capitalization)
  • Composer (Your name) in upper right hand corner
  • Treble Clef
  • Key Signature (for G Major use an F#; for C Major no sharps or flats at all)
  • Time Signature/Meter
  • Form (repeat signs, first and second endings, etc.)
  • Tempo
  • Dynamics

Look over your work…

  1. Is your composition at least 8 measures long? It can be longer if you like.
  2. Does every measure have the correct number of beats? (Count them!)
  3. Does your melody show thoughtful development? (variety of steps and skips, phrasing, not too many leaps)
  4. Are your rhythms varied? (notes of different length)