Second Grade Music

September Lessons

  • source Time to Sing Hello– hello song of the month, singing and welcoming everyone back, learning each other’s names
  • Where is John?– singing a folksong as a round, discovering a descending scale in the last phrase, stepping to the music at different subdivisions (ta, ti-ti, and ta-ah) and reviewing rhythmic notation; reviewing solfege scale Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do with hand signs while singing a familiar melody; reviewing mallet technique and playing beat subdivisions on xylophones and metallophones with a descending scale on glockenspiels while singing
  • rencontre femme russe parlant francais I Stepped Around the Corner/Bakery Shop– chanting a long poem while changing beat subdivisions on each phrase; identify the quarter note, half note, and eight note pulses while walking and playing hand drums
  • This Land is Your Land– singing with storybook, understanding the meaning behind the different verses, discovering together “What is a Folk Song?” and “Where do they come from?”

October Lessons

November Lessons

December Lessons

  • Circle the Earth with Peace- hello song of the month, singing in many different languages
  • Sing along songs for the winter concert (Rudolph, Dreidle, We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
  • Musical Explorers Theme Song- sign language on the chorus, make up new motions for the verses
  • In preparation for our Carnegie Hall concert field trip this month, we are continuing to master our repertoire for this event
    • Falu- from India, explored Classical Indian music, singing Rabba with musical ornamentation, practicing Indian solfege with Allahoo

January Lessons

  • Funga Alafia– hello song for the month, singing and dancing a welcome song from Africa, analyzing a melody through notation and solfege, playing a melody on xylophones from notation; reviewing mallet technique
  • The Nutcracker- Tchaikovsky composer study, (finished from December) watched Act 2 and explored pieces from the Land of Sweets (tempo, instruments, etc.)
  • Round and Round We Go- good-bye transition song, sing in a canon with rmovement
  • Statues in the Park- movement exploration game with recorded music, discovering negative and positive space with bodies