Music PD Workshops in NYC

Here are some local music education organizations and their PD/Workshop offerings for this school year. Click on the link to each respective organization to find out location, times, and prices of events. If you know of additional workshops, please feel ¬†free to email me and I’ll add them to our list.

New York City Chapter of the American Orff Shulwerk Association

Saturday Workshops held at PS 51 from 10 am -2:30 pm
Sept 26, 2015- Danai Gagne
Oct 24, 2015- Rene Boyer
Jan 30, 2016- Andrew Ellingsen
March 12, 2016- Gloria Fuoco-Lawson
May 14, 2016- Chapter Share

Kodaly Organization of New York
Sunday, Oct 18, 2015- Donna Menhart
Saturday, Jan 30, 2016- Andrew Ellingsen

Dalcroze TriState Chapter
Aug 24, 2015- Fabian Bautz
Nov 5, 2015- Eiko Ishizuka
Jan 30, 2016- Andrew Ellingsen
March 6, 2016- Michael Joviala

Music Educators Association of New York City
Dec 5, 2015- Joan Arnold
March 19, 2016- Brian Mooney
April 2, 2016- Megan Ou-Yang and Rob McClimans