Beginning Guitar Class

Our Beginning Guitar Class is part of the modern band movement sweeping the nation led by the Little Kids Rock company. Any student in grades 3-5 who is enrolled in Abundant Waters can join! We meet on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:15 pm. Students in Beginning Guitar will learn how to strum and fingerpick 4 chords, write a class songs, tune their instruments against the piano, sing and play, and have a blast learning to play their favorite rock and roll songs!

Visit the Little Kids Rock website to find some great guitar music, play music games, and see wonderful lesson videos on chords, improvising, taking solos, and more! Through this program, our school has received 30 free guitars that our students use while they are in the class. Thank you Little Kids Rock!


Beginner Guitar Chord Lesson Video Links

Learn the A Chord

Learn the D Chord

Practice A and D alternating

D and A Jam

Learn the G Chord

**Chord Change Practice (don’t forget to take all the inner beats to find the next chord so you can change in time!)

Practice Links to youtube videos

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Click HERE to watch a video from class!